Jeremy Corbyn MP: Take Aung San Suu Kyi to International Criminal Court (ICC) over genocide in Rohingya

BLOKBERITA -- We have had a storm of footages and reports being validateded through the media, governments, and the united nation's inspectors such as the ex UN president Kofi Annan, current UN investigators, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, BBC, Times, etc and the alike have all confirmed that the Mayanmarian government have and are persecuting and ethic cleansing the minority rohingya (Rakhine State) community and its people.
This has to Stop!
This torture is done only due to the minoritie's faith and the particularly religion practised (Islam) which the army and the government deems it foreign to the state's religion which is Buddhism. The Buddhist themselves such as monks are taking arms and destroying innocent beings and villages.
Young children, women and men, the old and the disabled are all being tortured, set on fire, raped, murdered and their houses burned. We as the humankind have to take action and take the head of the mayanmar state Aung San Suu Kyi and the armed forces' commander-in-chief, Ming Aung Hlaing to International Criminal Court (The Hague) I.C.C over a genocide case so both of them can answer to their hate crimes.
The current leaders are silent but little remarks made. Last year Theresa May invited the head of Mayanmar to Downing Street for a discussion and to join her for an afternoon tea. This is absurd.
Please bring justice back in this world and with your help we can achieve sending this message of  support and expression of unity to those leaders that have no mercy. So it may change their conception.
 Unfortunately we cannot take them to court. We got to rrelise this after a consultation with a international human rights lawyer. He explained:
"As Myanmar won't sign the Rome Statute, the only way that the ICC can investigate is if the UN Security Council refers the situation to them, so you need to pressure UN Security Council members to make the referral. Only then can ICC investigate. "
Therefore our lawyer and advisor is drafting a multiple of complaints to the United Nation and the International agency in which Myanmar has status in ratification. This would open doors which we will update you with.
But please continue to support us to fund our work on pressuring the UN Security Council through protests outside Downing Street on the 16th of September, pressuring UN members embassy's and Campaigns to take them to the International Criminal Court.  (


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