President: Islam Archipelago Rooted from Indonesia Muslims

BLOKBERITA --President Joko Widodo said that the Islamic archipelago that was already rooted in the soul of Muslims in Indonesia were very influential in keeping the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia. Islam Nusantara will be a force to counter the extreme influence which was trying to be transmitted by militant groups.

 "Islam archipelago is full of manners, the etiquette full of tolerance. Other countries are very appreciated it," said Jokowi during the opening of the National Conference of PBNU scholar at Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, on Sunday, June 14.

Jokowi also admitted that many leaders of other countries felt surprised with a relatively large population of around 250 million people, but it could live safely with mutual tolerance. "All countries were asking how the amounts of 250 million of Indonesian people really get along, tolerance and an easy smile. I just said that smile will give much reward," said Jokowi.

In order to continue to maintain the strength of Islam archipelago, Jokowi asked all Islamic organizations including PBNU to become a buffer milestone of Islam archipelago. Not only that, particularly PBNU, Jokowi also reminded that organizations founded by KH Hasyim Ashari was also contribute to solve national problems such as social issues, economics, law and others.

"I hope to NU together we will address the challenges of unity spirit and spirit of mutual cooperation," he said.

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